Hole Filling Procedure

Using Galva-Guard™ to fill those unsightly drain and vent holes in your galvanized products is quick and easy.  It takes a little finesse, but here are the basics:

Tools needed:  Torch using medium to low flame, wire brush (wood handle w/stainless or brass bristles is preferred), and Galva-Guard™ solder.

The goal is to get some heat into both your product, and the Galva-Guard™.  Start by:

  1. Preheat the steel surface around the hole to be filled.  You do not need to get the steel quite as hot as you would for a traditional Galva-Guard™ repair.
  2. Insert the end of a piece of warmed Galva-Guard™ into the hole you are filling.  Use your torch to get the Galva-Guard to stick at the far end where it contacts the hole edge.
  3. With your torch, heat the solder just past the other side of the hole so that a piece larger than the hole will separate from the rest of the solder.
  4. It is important now to hold the torch tip up high from the work surface to avoid overheating the area.  With the torch held high, waive it around the work area to get the steel heated more, and to further soften the Galva-Guard™.
  5. When you see the Galva-Guard™ soften, use the back side of your wire brush as a spatula to press the Galva-Guard™ into the hole.  You can then use a combination of heat, the brush bristles, and the back side of the brush to join, blend, and smooth the solder until you are pleased with the results.

Note:  When Galva-Guard™ sticks in your brush bristles, simply heat directly with your torch, then brush the bristles firmly down on the work table edge (or on the product itself) to clear out the excess and restore the brush.

Printable Galva-Guard™ Procedures PDF