Hot Dip Galvanizers

Hot stick galvanizingOccasionally, small imperfections affect the surface of freshly galvanized steel. Galva-Guard is the ideal product to repair these minor defects. This alloy solder wets the surface quickly and easily, giving fast, reliable performance.  The high zinc content of Galva-Guard hot stick galvanizing solder provides good cathodic protection and repairs blend in well with the galvanized surface.

Galva-Guard has a low, stable melting point, and a wide temperature working range.  In the galvanizing plant, this means that residual heat is often sufficient to melt and apply Galva-Guard to the freshly dipped steel. It also means that it is quick and easy to use in the finishing phase of your operation.  Because of Galva-Guard’s moldablity, hot dip galvanizers can choose to add an additional value added service, filling holes for customers!  Galva-Guard performs very well in this regard for holes to 3/8″diameter.


Fabricators & Welders

In the shop and in the field, galvanized surfaces are often damaged by cuts and welds. Galva-Guard hot stick galvanizing solder is the best way to repair these areas. Because of its moldable nature, it can be applied to a substantial thickness in almost any orientation.

Fabricators can fill holes up to 3/8″ reliably using Galva-Guard.  Because of the good match with hot dip galvanizing, holes filled with Galva-Guard have proven very difficult to see, giving your product excellent visual appeal.

Galva-Guard’s unique moldability and high zinc content, plus the fact that it is lead-free, makes it the effective and environmental choice for all types of galvanized zinc repair and touch-up.

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