The Original Lead-Free Galvanizing Repair Solder

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Galva-Guard solder is the original, lead-free composition designed specifically to provide high quality galvanizing repairs to new or old galvanized steel surfaces. Galva-Guard is simple, effective and easy to apply for your galvanizing repair needs.

The Facts

galvanizing repair solder
Galvanizing Repair Solder
In Action


Galva-Guard is the result of three years of R&D funded by the International Lead Zinc Research Organization, among others, to formulate the best possible lead-free galvanizing repair solder.

Galva-Guard is designed to provide excellent cathodic and barrier protection. In addition, it offers high abrasion resistance and hardness, good adhesion and is totally lead-free.

Galva-Guard exceeds performance standards as specified by ASTM standard A780-09 for repair of galvanized coatings.

Galva-Guard galvanizing repair solder has a broad and relatively low application temperature  of 400 – 5700 Fahrenheit (200 – 3000 Celsius).  When heated, it melts into a moldable slurry that can be shaped easily, smoothed and built up to a substantial thickness, even on a vertical surface!

All you need is a torch and a simple application tool. Because of the low melting temperature, there is no risk of damage to the surrounding galvanized coating.

It takes only minutes to apply, but the Galva-Guard galvanizing repair will out perform any zinc rich paint or lead touch-up solder. As with galvanizing, Galva-Guard metallurgically bonds to the steel and the metallic coating blends in naturally with the galvanized steel.

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