• Lead-Free Advanced Zinc Repair Solder


Galva GuardGalva-Guard™ is the original lead-free, high zinc galvanizing repair solder. Galva-Guard is supplied as a heavy 1/4″ dia. wire in either coils or spools. It is used by galvanizers, fabricators, and installers to repair galvanized coatings that have bare spots or have been damaged by cutting or welding. It can even be used to fill holes! Galva-Guard has a low melting point and is easy to apply in horizontal, vertical, or even overhead applications. Galva-Guard yields a bright silver color, giving you a better color match than common lead containing solders.

We manufacture and stock Galva-Guard in the following sizes:

as well as

Product is always in stock and ready to ship anywhere from across town to across the globe from our manufacturing facility at San Diego Galvanzing, Inc.

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